Denture Relining

Denture Relining – what is it?

Even if your dentures are of excellent quality and very resilient, this doesn’t mean you’ll never have to visit your prosthetist again. This is because the shape of the gums and the bones supporting the dentures can change in time, which means they may no longer fit properly.

Relining is a simple process – our experts will adjust the internal part of the denture’s base using acrylic resin until the fit is corrected. There’s no need to worry about the appearance of the denture – only the base is adapted so it fits the modifying shape of your gums. However, you will be without your dentures until they are relined as we will take an impression of your gums using your own dentures.

Denture Relining steps:

  1. Removing plastic from the fitting part of the denture
  2. Applying soft impression material on the trimmed surface
  3. Taking an impression of the gums by repositioning the dentures inside your mouth
  4. Developing a new hard or soft base using this accurate impression

Benefits of Denture Relining

  • Keeping your old dentures and saving money
  • Enjoying a better and more secure fit
  • Improving oral hygiene (food won’t get trapped under your dentures anymore)
  • Not having to use denture adhesive

2 types of Denture Relining

Soft Relines

They may need to be re-done every year and are made from soft silicone material. Usually recommended for the lower jaw and when the mouth cannot tolerate a hard denture base.

Hard Relines

Hard Relines are obtained using the same material as the denture base. Unlike soft relines, they are a permanent solution and can be used when the mouth can tolerate a new denture base.

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