Emergency Repairs

There are several ways you can damage your dentures: dropping them when they are being inserted or removed, becoming weakened when not fitting the mouth properly, and being forced for a long period of time.

How to prevent damage to your dentures

  • Visit your prosthetist when your dentures no longer fit comfortably. Not being in the right position may cause them to break
  • Take care when handling your dentures. Stand over a sink of water or a towel when inserting or removing them, so they don’t break in case you drop them accidentally
  • Handle your dentures with care in order to avoid damage

Is it possible to repair dentures?

Fractured and cracked dentures can be repaired by inserting strengthens; it is also possible to repair chips in artificial teeth or to replace those that have broken off. Our experts will remove stains from your dentures as well. However, if your dentures are old and have been fractured multiple times or have had teeth added, it is recommended to get new ones.

How much does it take to have my dentures repaired?

The time needed to repair dentures depends on multiple factors: the extent of the damage, how old they are, and what their state was before being broken. If you only need to repair or replace a damaged tooth, you can have the entire job done even the same day. If your denture breaks, don’t try to repair it yourself using super glue. Keep all broken parts together and call to the services of an expert.

What about denture repair kits?

There are many do-it-yourself denture repair kits on the market and they seem like a quick and simple fix. Yet, they are not a good idea because attempts to repair your dentures by yourself can cause even more damage and make the denture impossible or very difficult to repair again. A qualified professional has the skills and the equipment needed to prolong your denture’s life.

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