Flexible Dentures are made from injected thermoplastic nylon. There are two Flexible Valplast denture types, one being more rigid than the other.

Vaplast Dentures are recommended to many patients due to their amazing properties – they are flexible, translucent, and the flexibility of the base is used to retain the denture, which means you don’t need metal retainers. This type of denture can also be retained using clear or tooth coloured resin retainers.

It is possible to repair, reline, or add future lost teeth, but you’ll need to stay without your denture for almost a week.

Nylon Flexibles have been successfully used on a large scale since the 1950s and often represent the best choice.

There are cases when this type of partial denture is not suitable, but if you use them you will enjoy significant advantages such as increased biocompatibility and excellent properties.

Our clients love to wear nylon partials due to their pleasant appearance – they are translucent and allow the natural tissue tone to be visible through the material. Not to mention they are functional, lightweight, and clinically unbreakable – they are definitely worth the try!