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Tooth loss is one of the most common oral health problems nowadays. This issue can have multiple causes: ageing, sport injuries, accidents at home or at work, and improper oral hygiene. A missing tooth is not just a small gap in your smile; it also leads to other serious problems:

  • full-dentures
  • Speech impediments
  • Poor self-confidence
  • A less pleasant appearance
  • Gradual teeth shifting
  • Weaker bite
  • Bone loss in the jaw area
  • Facial deformity
  • Additional dental and oral problems

Don’t wait, as things will only get worse in time! The specialists at identure can provide you with a range of solutions for missing teeth, such as high-quality Full Dentures.

What are Dentures?

Also known as false teeth, dentures are appliances held in place by surrounding hard and soft tissues in the oral cavity. They have been used since around 700BC for people with missing teeth and nowadays they are made of modern materials that can restore the aspect and function of your smile to perfection.

Getting Your New Dentures in 5 Steps

1st Appointment

  • The initial free consultation:
  • The dental prosthetist will recommend you types of dentures based on your teeth and gums condition. Primary Impressions we be taken of your teeth and gums these will be used as a diagnostic tool for the Prosthetist and a model to fabricate your custom trays for the second appointment.

2nd Appointment

  • Secondary Impressions are taken in a highly accurate impression material using the fabricated custom tray.

3rd Appointment

  • Bite registration and Wax rim profile are done at this stage to determine your bite, smile line and facial support. Tooth Selection: Over 20 shades and 30 different tooth shapes are available at identure. During this stage we will work with you to select a tooth shape and colour that suites you best.

4th Appointment

  • Your new dentures will be set up in wax for you to try-in and see. At this stage changes can still be made as it is only set-in wax. We spend time at this stage not only making sure you are happing with tooth position and colour but we check the functionality of your new denture as well.

5th Appointment

  • The finish and insert of your new dentures. During this appointment we will check the functions of your new denture and discus eating with your new dentures, cleaning your new dentures and go over any questions you may have. At identure we offer all of our patients free follow up appointments for minor adjustments.

Why Get a Denture at identure

It’s not worth suffering the consequences of losing teeth; call to our services for excellent solutions addressing missing teeth and dental prosthetists you can rely on. Our top-level dentures will help you regain everything you have lost because of tooth loss – a beautiful smile, confidence, and good oral health. Call us today on (07) 3397 7664 or make an online appointment.

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