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Partial dentures replace missing teeth when there are still natural teeth remaining on the upper or lower jaw. Even if functionality is not affected very much after losing one or multiple teeth, a partial denture is highly recommended in order to preserve the health of remaining teeth. If left unsupported, they will drift sideways and replacing them later will be more difficult. Moreover, remaining teeth suffer more wear and tear, whilst a partial denture will help distribute chewing and grinding forces more evenly.

A full dentition is needed for good mastication and also to support an opposing full denture. Supposed you had a full upper denture and not enough remaining front teeth on the lower jaw, you won’t bite properly and you will tilt down your denture.

At identure you can get a partial denture made from several types of materials:

  • Acrylic Partials
  • Nylon Flexible Partials
  • Cast Metal Partials

Acrylic Partials

They have multiple advantages:

  • The lowest cost
  • Easy to repair
  • Easy to add more teeth
  • Suitable in case of significant tooth loss

Retention options for acrylic partial dentures are stainless steel and clear or tooth coloured resin retainers.

Nylon Flexible Partials

This type of dentures is made from injected thermoplastic nylon. There are two types, and the difference between one and the other is the degree of rigidity. The benefits of nylon flexible partials include:

  • Flexibility
  • A translucent, beautiful appearance
  • Resilience (they are clinically unbreakable)
  • They don’t require metal retainers (the flexibility of the base helps retaining the denture)
  • They can also be retained using special resins
  • Future lost teeth can be added or relined (but you will have to be without your denture for a few days)
  • Superior biocompatibility
  • A long history of success (since the 1950s)

Cast Metal Partials

Here’s what you need to know about Cast Metal Partials:

  • They are thinner and smaller than other options
  • Bite forces can be transferred to remaining teeth instead of supporting gums by using metal rests on the surface of supporting teeth
  • Retention options include cast metal retainers, flexible nylon, and tooth coloured resin

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